Permission? News Flash- You Don’t Need It.

Plus Size Model Permission

We are conditioned as children to acquire permission and approval from others before moving towards that which we desire. This “needing permission” feeling sometimes stays with us into adulthood and it can be very damaging.

We move through the education system, where one must ask permission for everything from leaving school early due to an emergency to going to the bathroom.

We then enter the working world where we must get permission from our boss to embark on a new creative project or to take vacation.

This conditioning has created a planet of people who are terrified to make a decision on their own. Our internal voices have been drowned out by the noise of external pressure. We are not taught how to cultivate our inner knowing or to look internally for answers. We do not trust ourselves. We find ourselves ignoring our own inner voice, values and intuition because we are afraid that others will not approve or judge us.

Requiring external validation as a green light for moving forward stifles creativity and serendipity. Sometimes the steps towards creating the best end result do not make sense in the beginning. Upon review of the stories some of the greatest minds and creatives in the world such as Steve Jobs who left college early and started Apple in a garage, it is easy to see that many external people thought the things they were doing were totally insane. They had the courage to trust their vision and the calling in their hearts to take action and move boldly towards their ambitions, regardless of what others thought or what may have looked like failure in the beginning.

If you wish to life an extraordinary life, you must recognize that you don’t owe anyone an explanation for the things you choose to do, or the way you wish to live.

Cultivate and trust that inner knowing and keep working towards that which you wish to create. This is the place where miracles happen.

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