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What I Wanted to Say- #BloggersGiveBack

These are the opening remarks I wrote to open our paradigm shifting event #BloggersGiveBack I was not able to say all of this, but decided to share it here for any of you who would like to hear what I planned.

“I want to start by shouting out Dale the Connector and thank her for bringing Cat to Urszula and myself.

When we met for the first time, and set the intention for this event we said we only want the best people here. People who are kind and want to make a difference.

If you are here, that means you are one of the best so please give yourselves a round of applause!

Bloggers are blessed. I think we get to do one of the best jobs in the world. Our lives are so abundant, why not share with others?
There is a nasty perception that permeates society that we are selfish and narcissistic but that’s simply by and large not the truth. This event was designed to shift that conversation.

I was at advertising week recently and everyone was talking about diversity which is of course awesome but no one was talking size diversity. Everyone is afraid to talk about fat.

67% of women in north America are considered plus sized.
When I talk to brands I always say you may have your ideological issues with fat people, believing that they are lazy or unhealthy which is a whole other conversation, but what I ask is “ don’t you like money?”

Speaking to a friend who is actually here in the audience tonight, she shared with me that she could never find clothing because she is too tiny and has also been shamed for her body by other people.

What started out as a plus thing for me has turned into a human thing. We are constantly being told that we are not good enough for one reason or another.

I am here to say just the fact that we are alive means that we belong here and it is insane to keep trying to change ourselves to be anything other than what we are.
Our differences weave the tapestry of this beautiful human story. It is what makes life interesting. And all of us deserve access to great fashion.

Due to the implosion of social media, we have moved from a consumption based media where we are told by big businesses what is good and beautiful and trendy into an interactive based media paradigm where for the first time in history people are getting to say with their eyeballs what they want to see and content creators are able to tell their authentic stories to mass global audiences.

This is wildly powerful!

People are sick of hating themselves and not seeing themselves reflected in the media. I know I am.

Tonight our panelists will discuss ways to help you realize and connect with your own power as an influencer to use your voice and align with causes that resonate with you.
We can actually change the world for the better.

Tonight, together we will show the world that many bloggers are great people who care and want to make a difference.

We will bring awareness to promoting all types of diversity in the media and sustainable fashion practices. We will talk about the power of the tongue and the ways our words can be used to harm or to heal.

Please use the Hash Tag BLOGGERS GIVE BACK in your Insta stories.

Let the shift begin!

All the Love,

-The Curvy Trini

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