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Size Inclusivity- The Future of Fashion

This post is in collaboration with Talbots and Stylinity

I was on the train recently and a straight sized woman complimented me on my dress. We started chatting and she shared with me that she observed that clothing for plus sized women were always either matronly or skin tight and over sexual.
She liked my dress because it was feminine and well fitting, and was disappointed when she found out that the line was strictly plus sized. I thought this was very interesting.

When I had my first summer job at the company my father worked for, I went shopping for work clothes and nothing fit. After many tears, I settled on a few button down shirts that puckered and pants that were too tight because that was all I had access to. I looked sloppy and un-kept. I felt insecure and ugly.

My dad told my boss at the time that he was ashamed of how fat I was as well as the way I looked and he wished I could just lose weight.

I longed for the ability to find and wear beautiful clothes, but that did not come until many years later. There is nothing more dehumanizing than being unable to find decent clothing to fit your body. At the end of the day, our appearance is the first thing people see when they meet us and being put together, especially in a work environment is important.

I was so excited when I discovered this brand, Talbots. This dress is that perfect balance of femininity, without looking “old lady-ish” or “overtly sexy”. Sometimes I love dressing old lady-ish, many of you are familiar with my obsession with  massive granny nighties that I throw on the moment I get home. There are other times where I enjoy wearing a good hip hugging bodycon dress and showing off my curves. While both these styles have their time and place I felt like a beautiful woman when I put on this dress, and that’s all I really want to feel like most of the time. Talbots clothing and footwear just make me feel like a beautiful woman.

The good news is that this dress, and most of their clothes are available in all sizes from petite to plus. People come in all shapes and sizes, and so should the clothing. Size inclusivity is the way of the future, and companies that understand and adapt this approach are the ones that will thrive.


Talbots is hosting a friends and family event until May 05 where you can save 30%, just in time to feel beautiful for the Spring. Happy shopping lovelies. 

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  1. Reese is pushing for initiatives to better educate designers on the fashion school level. Today, thin is how they learn to draw and create, she said. She also questioned the notion of “size ghettos” in stores, where plus sizes are sequestered rather than mixed in with smaller sizes.

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