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PLUS SIZE PTSD- The Reason Why Plus Sized Women Are Not Shopping at Their Full Potential

SHS / September 14, 2019

At the close of New York Fashion Week something is very obvious. While fashion has become “more inclusive” at the highest level with a few plus sized bloggers sprinkled in the mix at the cool fashion shows and one or two perfectly proportioned size 18 models slaying the catwalk, it is still not ok to be fat. A recent Glamour…

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NYFW has gotten Fat. And I love it.

SHS / September 12, 2018

Fat and fashion are two words that traditionally did not get along very well together. God forbid a model had a fat friend that she invited to a runway show or after party at one of New York’s fancy night clubs; promoters would scoff and roll their eyes, “Who brought the fat girl?” But all of that is rapidly changing.…

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