A Story of Sex by a Plus Sized Woman

SHS / September 20, 2018

“Fat girls are only good to F*ck.” Cautionary advice given to me by my uncle when I was 12 years old. “You had better lose weight. Nobody marries fat girls.” This ingrained three terrible falsehoods into my under-developed belief system: 1. The only time a woman has value is if a man wants to marry her or finds her visually/…

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Lunch With Tamara and Sher Malas

SHS / September 17, 2018

I met my new neighbors, plus sized fashion designers Tamara and Sher Malas at this place in the East Village called D.B.A. that says yes to dogs and no to children. “No Bud, no Miller, no Stella, no Blue Moon, no Corona, no B*llsh%t* Amazing. Tamara and I bonded in what I know will one day become an iconic moment…

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NYFW has gotten Fat. And I love it.

SHS / September 12, 2018

Fat and fashion are two words that traditionally did not get along very well together. God forbid a model had a fat friend that she invited to a runway show or after party at one of New York’s fancy night clubs; promoters would scoff and roll their eyes, “Who brought the fat girl?” But all of that is rapidly changing.…

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Maree Pour Toi- The Plus Sized Fashion Brand That Gets It

sarah Hamel Smith Plus Sized Model Maree Pour Toi
SHS / September 11, 2018

There were a lot of fashion firsts for me in terms of the looks I wore this weekend to the CURVYcon thanks to Maree Pour Toi. I was hesitant when Melanie the stylist started pulling button down blouses and strapless rompers for  me to try on because, well, plain talk, bad manners I have big boobs. Shockingly, her selections expanded…

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11 Honoré and SLiNK Magazine Trunk Show- NYFW 2018

SLiNK Magazine, 11 Honore, Plus Sized Model Sarah Hamel-Smith The Curvy Trini NYC
SHS / September 10, 2018

  I had the honour of attending the 11 Honoré  and SLiNK Magazine Trunk Show on Thursday September 07. It was my first time attending a private shopping event of this kind. My friend and I arrived at the venue late, soaking wet. It started storming right before we made our way over. It was held at a stunning private…

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Tips to Improve Your Well-Being

sarah hamel smith the curvy trini plus size model
SHS / August 28, 2018

I was featured today on Slowly Speaking in an article by blog author Serena discussing “Your Well-Being, What’s the Big Deal?” Here are some of my responses to the questions asked, you can review the full article here. What does well-being mean to you? I consider well-being as when a person is in a state of comfort and happiness within themselves. This…

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They Called Me Godzilla

plus size model
SHS / August 23, 2018

Children can be so cruel. I have a vivid memory as a child. A group of us were standing in front of a car door looking at our reflections distorted by the shine of the paint. One of the other kids said look at how fat I am in the car! We all laughed and continued moving around and doing…

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Free the FUPA

SHS / August 9, 2018

“Free the F.U.P.A.” This phrase was coined by my brilliant friend Kissi B. Tru the editor in chief of BTFL Magazine, while chatting over Instagram. Let me begin by defining the term FUPA for those of you who are not familiar with it. FUPA is an acronym for the following: Fat Upper (word for female or male genitalia beginning with…

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The Curvy Trini’s Top Picks from RoseGal’s Swimwear Line

Plus Sized Model Sarah Hamel Smith the Curvy Trini
SHS / August 3, 2018

It’s Swimsuit Season! As I am sure many of you know, it can be very difficult to find high quality swimsuits and accessories for an affordable price, especially as a plus sized woman. I was so excited to discover RoseGal’s plus sized swimwear line. The pieces are well made, the fit is great and the designs are fun and stylish!…

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Fear of Success

Tommy Hilfiger plus size model
SHS / July 30, 2018

This post is in collaboration with Macy’s. One minute you are thriving, moving closer and closer to your goals…everything is flowing perfectly. Then all of a sudden those mean self-sabotaging voices start chiming in: Who do you think you are? This is beginner’s luck everything is going to fall apart soon. You are not good enough. You don’t deserve this.…

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