If Something Is Not Flowing Let It Go

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If you find yourself obsessing, stressing, panicking, let it go. It is not for you. Something else so much better and more aligned with your heart’s truest desires will come.

I had a mega-epiphany today, the things that are for us flow into our lives with grace and ease. There is no fighting, panic attacks, crazy behavior or strain involved.

Consider anything- your relationships, your job, the best thing that ever happened to you. It all fell into your lap. I am willing to bet the things you had to fight for like a lunatic, even though they came, eventually left or proved to not be good for you.

That boyfriend you got after stalking him and begging for his love ended up using and cheating on you.

That person you aggressively pursued a friendship with ended up betraying your trust and stabbing you in the back.

That job you got after fighting and networking like a crazy person, sidestepping and undercutting others and embellishing your resume ended up making you miserable or paying you a lot less than you wanted.

Go with what flows naturally. The things, the places, the experiences that are meant for us all come with total ease, serendipity and grace. Keep an open mind and heart as you move through life. Many times the things we fought against ended up being the best thing that ever happened….and the things we are fighting so hard for ended up being the worst. Think about it.

The universe makes no mistakes. Our outside circumstances are the direct result of our innermost thoughts and feelings, and everything comes in the most perfect timing.

I have been driving myself insane pursing something that I have just realized is not really what I want. This thing would trap me, consume my time and if I am really honest with myself is not really in alignment with who I am and the work that I want to do.

This Mercury Retrograde is all about teaching us patience. I got the memo today. I will continue to do the work that comes naturally to me and trust that the Universe is paving a perfect plan that will result in my highest good, and greatest happiness.

Does anyone out there have any stories they would like to share with me about this topic? Have you ever pursued something very aggressively that ended up not being right for you? How did the best things that came into your life happen?

Please send me a message or share in comments XOXO

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