Doubt the Destroyer

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Doubt is the destroyer of great and miraculous experiences.
You get a gut instinct to try something differently or to approach a person you are drawn to. Then that voice comes…”What if I mess up? What if they don’t like me?”

You freeze.

Opportunity missed.

I met a woman at a course I took in the fall. She radiated incredible warmth, charisma and kindness. Something in my spirit told me very strongly, ask her to lunch. Even though I felt shy and weird I did it.

This woman has since become an incredible mentor and dear friend. She is a massive source of strength and guidance in my life and has been extremely influential in this body of work I am creating. Thank God I pushed through the awkwardness and got out my head.

We often, due to paralyzing fear, get in the way of our success and then blame others for it. Lack of confidence in our ability and worth stifles our growth and prevents us from maximizing our true potential.

I had a conversation with a friend recently and his philosophy is that none of this matters; we all end up in the same place anyways. He is so right and this is liberating. If you try something and fail, so what? Try something else. Life is for living! We are the authors of our time here on this little blue planet, and our doubts and fears are the things that prevent us from living the lives we long for. We must take back ownership of our bodies, our interactions and all that we are.

Listen to that gut instinct; that voice that says you can do this, go another route, try that. You never know where it may lead or what a wonderful experience you may have that you would have missed if you didn’t try.

Try things, live curiously. Destroy the doubt.

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