How to Deal With Negative People

Plus Model Sarah Hamel Smith

I had a memory today of a conversation I had with an older family friend. She was saying that I am going down a dangerous path, and I should think about what I am doing.

I told her it is my life’s purpose to help empower others to feel happy and confident in their bodies, and I want to be one of the people who changes the way we define beauty in society. I intend to inspire millions of women around the world to take ownership of their bodies. I want to live and work in New York.

She looked at me, shocked and said, “Sarah. You cannot do that. Think about all the people who prepare and apply for the Olympics, only a few of them get in. Their parents spend all this money training them and most of them are not selected. Think about the odds of what you say you want to do. You cannot do that.”

When you encounter people like this, I want you to ask yourself two questions.

1. Is this person living a life you want to live?

  1. What kind of work has this person done to change the world, or to make an impact?

My guess is, the answers will be no and nothing. Do not let people like this shatter your dreams. Keep working in the silence.

Something I have had to learn through this process is to share less about my plans and work harder. Success speaks for itself.

Seek out and speak to people who are successful, empowering and have actually done something purposeful with their lives. These are the kind of people whose opinions you want to hear. Take advice from the people whose lives you actually want to live.

The people who mock you and shout down your dreams are the ones who have never had the courage to live their own. They are usually fearful and unhappy individuals who live boring and mediocre lives. Do not listen to them and if you can avoid it, do not talk to them. Do not let them sow the damaging seeds of doubt in the magical plan you are creating.

Spend time talking to people who respond positively, the kind of people who say “Wow, that’s awesome. Let me send you an article I think that can help you with that goal!”

Also, do not be that person. If a friend comes to you with glittering eyes and says, “Hey, I have this dream. I am going to create ______” respond with excitement and kindness. Think about how you can help them, and if you can’t, just be happy for them.

We live in a subjective universe, and what is possible for one person may be impossible for another. We are all designed with specific talents, desires and purposes. Our internal guidance system, intuition stares each of us in the right direction.

Do not let anyone tell you that something is impossible. Stay away from negative and toxic people. Take control of your life, listen to your heart and follow your intuition blindly. Do not concern yourself with the how. It will be lined up for you. When we are honest about who we are and what kind of life we wish to live, this is the space where miracles happen.

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