Diets, False Assumptions and Other Annoying Things

Plus Size Model Sarah Hamel Smith

I was sitting down peacefully minding my own business recently when a man came up and started proudly saying that his wife just lost ten pounds on this new diet she found, and that he could get it from her to send to me.

This is a perfect example of the damaging attitudes that still exist within society regarding the size and shape of the female body. In that moment my heart broke for that woman, she probably spends a lot of time obsessing over the food she eats and starving herself so that she can be “attractive” for her husband and of course society whose opinion I am sure she values greatly.

Not for a second during the conversation did I ever insinuate that I was unhappy with my body or wanted to change anything about it.          These are the kind of comments I have endured for many years. In my younger days, this would trigger me into a spiral of self-doubt and cause me to question my worth and viability. Thankfully through a lot of hard work, I was able to see the universe’s humor in sending that man to me, considering who I am and the type of work I do.

He simply looked at me and assumed that I must want to change myself using the latest diet fad and lose weight. It was a pleasant reminder of why I must continue to do this work that I am doing and help create a world where a woman can simply walk the earth freely, just the way she is.

I envision a planet where people can simply be themselves, however they choose to define that, and be free from judgement, shame, stereotypes and marginalization. So many people walk around feeling terrified and ashamed of their God given bodies, and this needs to change.

Thanks for the reminder small minded old man whose wife just lost 10 pounds on a diet. Here is an article discussing why fad diets are just a bad idea. Obviously regularly eating good nutritious food, exercising and loving our bodies just the way they are is the solution. Check it out for further reading XO

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