The Magic of Childhood- Living in the Present Moment

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When we take life too seriously and try to anticipate and control everything it becomes a chore. We forget the peace that comes with living in the present moment. We close the door to serendipity, and magic. Remember when you were a child, and every day was an adventure?

What would you learn that day, what games would you play?

Obviously everyone’s childhood was different so I can only speak for myself. I remember feeling very safe and being fascinated by the life around me. My mom would tell these beautiful stories at night, and in the day I would catch butterflies.

Sometimes I would get lucky and find a caterpillar and watch him spin his cocoon. I’d check every day until he would force his way out, transformed into something bright and colorful. It takes a little while before butterflies can move when they emerge. They sit for a while and wait for their wings to dry. Then when the time is just right off they fly into the world looking for a flower to sip from.

I used to have rabbits as pets, the store said they were both female and somehow they had babies. One of my favourite things to do would be to go hunting around the neighbourhood for rabbit grass to feed them.

On an afternoon my dad would cut coconuts from the tree in the garden and we would drink them together and he would always let me eat the jelly.

There was an invasion of snails one summer, and the parents would sit together in the night while all of us children, proudly holding our torch lights would pick up the snails and put them in a bucket.

I never asked what they did with them after.

Sometimes we would go to a beach house in a place called Mayaro, and just where the water touched the sand there would be hundreds of these little clam like creatures called chip chips and I would spend hours picking them, then my dad would cook them and make a dish called chip chip cocktail.

Those were beautiful days. I had no expectations of how the time should unfold, or what my future would look like then. I just lived each day in the present moment and somehow things always worked themselves out.

My life was totally in the hands of the universe and I was always happy, safe and taken care of.

Somewhere along the way I got lost, I stopped trusting that I was safe and I put immense pressure on myself to succeed. I set a rigid plan for my life and followed it very aggressively. It made me miserable.

I did not feel safe in the world for a very long time.

This is the first time in many years I do not have a plan for my life. I have a general idea of the life I wish to create, but I am accepting and grateful for the life I have.

Trying to micromanage and control life prevents the universe from doing its work. There is so much in life that is out of our control.

Somehow I have realized that relaxing that grip a bit is the key to finding true happiness and peace. It allows you to approach each day with a childlike wonder.

What are the odds of being born onto this tiny rock in space? We are all unique and special. It’s time to stop being so hard on ourselves and get back to that place of abandon, allowing each day to unfold the way it should. It is time to start living in the present instead of worrying about the future.

For additional reading, this article discusses 10 tips to start living in the present. It is a great jumping off point!


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