Dealing With Rejection

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Rejection stings and it is something that everyone has to experience at some point in life. Sometimes when we keep being rejected over and over we reach a point where we just feel to give up. Depending on what mood I am in, rejection can invoke my resilience inspiring me to try something else or absolutely destroy my drive. Both of these reactions are normal, we are just human.

This week was a rough one, I was rejected from two potential experiences that I was really excited about and hoping to have. I am not going to lie, it threw me off balance for a bit. I started to doubt myself and wonder if I will ever get what I am longing for or reach my goals.

I think when this happens, it’s a time to just stop for a minute, reconnect with the things we love and remember why we are trying in the first place. Everyone who has done something exceptional with their life has also had periods of doubt, rejection and failure.

The difference is they were able to muster the inner strength to try again despite what things looked like from the outside. They realized that whatever they wanted to create was more important than the sadness they felt in those low moments. They lost their ego and kept reaching for the stars.

Life is a numbers game. The only thing we have control over is how many times we try and how hard we work to improve ourselves. We cannot control the way life responds to our attempts. We cannot control what sticks.

These painful experiences are just a part of your magical story of greatness. They help clarify what you really want. Take a step back and look at how far you have come, chances are you have been so focused on the goal you don’t realize how much you have actually accomplished!

After some deep introspection and analysis, I realized that neither of those opportunities were right for me if I was being totally honest with myself. One of them was not what I really want, and the other would have gotten in the way of something else I am working on. It would have been too much on my plate all in the same time. Rejection is hard, but we cannot see the bigger picture until we look back. Even though it may not seem like it in the moment, things are always working out for our benefit.

Whenever you are feeling to give up, take some time to rest. But then get up and try again. The breakthrough is right around the corner.

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