10 Tips to Grow Your Following on Instagram

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Instagram can be a powerful tool for gaining exposure for your business as well as promoting your personal brand. Here are some insider tips to grow your following organically and increase your influence on this platform:

1. Create interesting and compelling content
People use Instagram as a form of entertainment. If you create content that is fun, stimulating and appealing people will follow you.
2. Give them something
Think about what you are giving your audience, why should your audience come back to your page? What does your audience have to gain?
3. Like and Comment
Spend a lot of time liking and commenting on other pages that fall within the same category as your page. This will help people who are interested in the same things you are to discover and follow you.
4. Make Friends
Instagram is a form of social media thus it is created to build relationships. Don’t be afraid to DM someone and compliment them on a great post or photo. Having “Insta-friends” who like and support your posts will boost your engagement rate, which will help your posts show up more on the discover page leading to more new followers.
5. Shout Outs
Reaching out to pages with large followings similar to your own and asking for shout outs is a great way to get new followers. Remember, just as if you were in person, always be polite and respectful. Also, offering to provide a shout out in return is also a good strategy. Some pages with large followings may ask you to pay for this service. When starting to build a following this is not a bad investment.
6. Use Good Lighting
Instagram is a visual medium and people want to be able to see whatever it is you are posting about properly. Make sure your photos are clean and have good lighting.
7. Use the same filter
Filters can be fun, but try to use the same or similar filters when posting so that your page has a certain look/ feel.
8. Hash Tags
Hash tags are important to help followers that are interested in your content find you. Make sure you select hash tags that are relevant to your category, and choose a combination of very popular hash tags with a large number of posts as well as smaller ones (100-300K posts) to make sure that your images are being seen.
9. Don’t buy followers
This can be tempting, but at the end of the day it is much more powerful to have an audience that actually likes your content and is actively engaged than a bunch of fake robots. Growing an audience organically takes time, but it is worth it.
10. Post regularly and Think about your Grid
Ensure you stick to a posting schedule and you select one that is realistic. Your followers will get accustomed to seeing your posts and may drop off if you miss a few days. Posting daily is ideal, however, again stick to a schedule that is realistic for you. Additionally, when you are posting photos, keep the overall look of your page in mind and do your best to choose colours or photos that make sense visually together.
Implement these tips effectively and you will be on your way to building a strong and engaged following.

Bonus Tip: When you start to build that strong following, many brands will approach you and want to work with you. Only work with Brands you believe in. This may mean turning down work at times, but remember your followers like you the way you are. it is important to stay true to your unique voice!

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