Fear of Success

Tommy Hilfiger plus size model

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One minute you are thriving, moving closer and closer to your goals…everything is flowing perfectly. Then all of a sudden those mean self-sabotaging voices start chiming in:

Who do you think you are?
This is beginner’s luck everything is going to fall apart soon.
You are not good enough.
You don’t deserve this.
You are worthless.
This is the beginning of the end.

As children, many times, we are taught everything in the world except how to love ourselves and develop self-worth. Becoming an adult it can be a very difficult process to unlearn these damaging beliefs. Fear of success is real, it is something that I battle with.

When I was a child I used to compete in professional singing competitions and I always remember being told you are only as good as your last performance. It is bizarre the way that one failure or one mistake can cancel out all the good that was done in the past. Growing up I never had access to beautiful designer clothing like this stunning Tommy Hilfiger Plus Size Printed Polo Dress

Plus size fashion was not available in Trinidad, unless you wanted to look like an old lady. It sounds absurd, but when I started realizing that higher end brands sold stylish clothing for my size, I used to struggle with feeling worthy enough to wear something beautiful because feeling beautiful was not something that I was used to. Being able to shop at a store like Macy’s and wear high quality clothing being a lover of fashion feels like such an accomplishment for me. I have realized that I am worthy of taking care of myself and my appearance. I am worthy of feeling beautiful and wearing stylish clothing…and I am worthy of all the good things that come my way. We need to recognize that we are very much worthy of all the good things in life, and learn to see mistakes and failures as tiny blinks in the rich and colourful tapestry of our lives.

Whenever I hear those negative thoughts start to creep into my mind I do my best to recognize them for what they are…thoughts. I use them as fuel to continue the work I am doing and to keep striving towards the life I am trying to create. We can be our own worst enemy or greatest cheerleader, the choice is ours.

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– The Curvy Trini


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