Free the FUPA

“Free the F.U.P.A.”

This phrase was coined by my brilliant friend Kissi B. Tru the editor in chief of BTFL Magazine, while chatting over Instagram. Let me begin by defining the term FUPA for those of you who are not familiar with it.

FUPA is an acronym for the following:

Fat Upper (word for female or male genitalia beginning with P) Area

It is described by Urban Dictionary.com

“Most commonly pronounced foopa, is a multi-functional word to describe a person of larger stature, with a more pronounced or “padded” upper genital region.”

Click on the link if you would like a bit more insight into the full meaning of this term.

My FUPA is the part of my body that brings me that triggers the most fear, shame, sadness- all my body issues personified. It is the part of my body that I am afraid to accept and love.

I had a very traumatic experience with this area of my body as a young teenager. Someone who I loved deeply grabbed it and shook it violently screaming in my face this has to go.

This bit of flesh on my body is the part of me that I genuinely believe is unlovable. I need to work on that. In my fight for self-love and taking ownership of my body this is my Achilles heel.

It is the part of my body I look at every time with disdain when I am naked in the mirror.

We all have that piece of ourselves that we look for every time we are unclothed, that we secretly hope it won’t be there when we look. That it would have somehow disappeared when we were sleeping the night before. That piece of our bodies that every time someone touches it we cringe, our hearts sink. That little piece of ourselves that we wish would just go away.

Now, logistically speaking, my FUPA is where my womb is located. In energy medicine the womb of a woman’s body is the house of creativity. This is where the ability to create comes from. The root chakra that controls sexuality, self-expression, power and natural urges also comes from this area. I have had a major block in all areas of this for many years.

As women we are taught to have a lot of shame surrounding our bodies. We are not encouraged to enjoy or take ownership of them and all their magical urges, feelings and expressions. We become adults who are so terribly ashamed of and disconnected from our feminine force and our power, often terrified to express ourselves.

It is almost impossible to take control of your sexuality when you are not comfortable in your body. Vulnerability openness and true connection with another person cannot happen.

Think about that for a minute. My FUPA phobia has prevented me from truly connecting to other human beings, from connecting with and loving myself. This shame and trauma is based on ONE person’s opinion of what my body should look like. This happened when I was a young teenager and I am now 30 years old still battling these issues. It is time to free my FUPA.

I genuinely hope you will find a way to free your FUPA, whether it is your small breasts, your large hips or thighs, your cellulite, your large nipples, the hair that grows on your chin, your small eyes, your moles or freckles, your C-section Scar, your ears or nose that your mom told you were too big, your skinny legs, your flat butt, your muffin tops or whatever the hell it is that you stare at with hatred every time you get out of the shower.

Try to look at that little piece of yourself with love. It is just a body, and it is your body. This place, my friend, whether you like it or not is your address on this planet. It is time to say goodbye to those mean voices and memories we have in our minds and to take ownership of our sweet little or big bodies. All of us belong on this planet, and we are here for such a short time we need to stop all this silliness of hating the various bits and pieces that make us human.


– The Curvy Trini

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