11 Honoré and SLiNK Magazine Trunk Show- NYFW 2018

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I had the honour of attending the 11 Honoré  and SLiNK Magazine Trunk Show on Thursday September 07. It was my first time attending a private shopping event of this kind.

My friend and I arrived at the venue late, soaking wet. It started storming right before we made our way over. It was held at a stunning private apartment at the historical Plaza Hotel at Central Park.

As we made our way into the beautiful elevator looking like drowned rats, I started feeling extremely afraid and inadequate. We cautiously approached the sounds of laughter echoing down the hallway.

What I discovered upon entering was a room full of brilliant women who are incredibly passionate about the same things I am.

We were warmly greeted at the door by stylists from the 11 Honoré team. There were racks and racks of beautiful clothing provided by world class designers such a Marc Jacobs for PLUS SIZED WOMEN.

Growing up in Trinidad, I never dreamed that one day I would ever be in a situation to even try on such beautiful fashion. I tried pranced around in this fabulous Eve short dress with bell sleeves from Marelene Oliver.

Chatting with the marketing Manager at 11 Honoré she shared that the business was developed to provide a service for a market that has been so terribly ignored and under-served.

The bottom line is that fat girls also deserve couture fashion. Our bodies are good enough to be dressed by the by the best. It was incredibly refreshing to discover that some of the world’s top designers agreed with me.

It is truly an interesting time to be alive as we move from an exclusivity based standard of fashion into one of inclusivity.

Designers who are smart and want to remain relevant with consumer trends are recognizing this and moving to suit.

We used to exist in a one-sided consumption-based media paradigm. People would have to ingest whatever the big media houses decided was cool or beautiful or interesting on TV and in Magazines. People had no control in the imagery and content they spent their time looking at.

With the wonderful introduction of social media for the first time everyday people can fight back and say quite clearly with where they choose to put their eyeballs “hey, no, I disagree. This is actually what I think is interesting.” It forces media, designers and brands to be much more accountable.

It also puts the power of content creation into the hands of creatives and influencers who are just everyday people like myself.

No big fancy meetings of people to fight with. No big boss to answer to. I am free to speak my truth and design my content around whatever I think is interesting and important.

My followers are free to choose to enjoy my incredible content 😉 or simply scroll away.

We are now active participants in media and the deciding of what’s cool.

Millennials are very cautious of traditional advertising and generally not that interested in traditional media.

I cannot tell you the last time I looked at regular television.  Brands that are smart will harness the power of social media marketing. It is cheap, powerful and measurable.

Influencer marketing is the way of the future because infulencers are everyday people that millennials can actually trust.

I am genuinely so hopeful that we are on the cusp of a plus sized fashion explosion where bit by bit we are pushing our curvy bodies into the mainstream. It is reaching a critical mass. I can feel it.

After the shopping event I sat there drinking prosecco with a group of world changers. The editor of SLiNK Magazine, Renee Cafaro;  Kali Hancock the owner of a plus sized boho fashion online boutique called Belle and Broome, the fabulous marketing manager, stylists and other team members from 11 Honoré, another fabulous plus sized model like myself named Heather Barlow from Kansas.

A team of genuine human beings with beautiful souls. Many of whom have the resources to do anything that they wish but instead choose to take the difficult path of creating change in the fashion industry and helping others.

In that moment I recognized the power of environment and the magic that happens when the right people come together in a particular time and space.

A room full of kind, magical, funny, interested, warm likeminded human beings from all over the world who believe that high fashion should be available to all body types connecting in Manhattan.

I looked around the room and thought to myself, wow. I am finally in the right place.

I will continue to keep you guys posted on this magical journey.

So much love,

– The Curvy Trini.

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