Maree Pour Toi- The Plus Sized Fashion Brand That Gets It

There were a lot of fashion firsts for me in terms of the looks I wore this weekend to the CURVYcon thanks to Maree Pour Toi.

I was hesitant when Melanie the stylist started pulling button down blouses and strapless rompers for  me to try on because, well, plain talk, bad manners I have big boobs.

Shockingly, her selections expanded my curvy girl fashion horizons.

On Friday I was able to wear a gorgeous black and white striped silk button down blouse paired with a leather skirt. The fit was amazing. No puckering at the buttons!

On Saturday I rocked a red strapless romper. The garment was so well designed, I was actually able to wear the piece without a bra and my chest stayed neat and perky all day long.

Maree Pour Toi The Curvy Trini plus Sized model Sarah Hamel Smith

In the night I changed into a rich purple strapless knee length dress and had the pleasure of attending the Maree Pour Toi Launch and pop up shop.

I drank bubbly. I danced. I ate. I walked. I laughed. I talked. And guess what…not a single wardrobe malfunction was had.

As a large breasted plus sized woman there are just certain looks that I gave up on but I have finally found a brand that GETS IT!

Their attention to detail and ability to produce high quality stylish clothing for larger bodies that actually fits is literally mind blowing. I have finally found a brand that feels like it is made for my body.

It was so nice to finally be able to wear pieces that I have historically stayed away from. I used to watch my straight sized friends rocking their cute little strapless numbers with such longing, assuming that I would never be able to participate in those kind of OOTD’s. Maree Pour Toi answered my prayers.

Chatting with a team member I discovered that the brand’s concept is this:

Couture fashion for plus sized women at affordable prices.

They have nailed it. Their e-commerce will be launching soon, and I highly recommend you get to shopping STAT.

Fit is everything with a plus sized body, it is so refreshing to discover a brand that has taken its time to actually pay attention to a market that has been so long ignored.

– The Curvy Trini

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