NYFW has gotten Fat. And I love it.

Fat and fashion are two words that traditionally did not get along very well together. God forbid a model had a fat friend that she invited to a runway show or after party at one of New York’s fancy night clubs; promoters would scoff and roll their eyes, “Who brought the fat girl?” But all of that is rapidly changing.

Renee Carafo, editor of SLiNK magazine was featured in a Glamour Magazine video as well as picked for an InStyle piece entitled a NYFW Street Style Gallery Dedicated to Plus Sized Women. She shares on her Instagram “I’ve come a long way from the teen aged size 8/10 who was fat-shamed, abused, forced into crash diets/pills/disorders and also a long way from my recent life as a selfless worker bee who made a career of other people’s message instead of my own.”

Street Style is the epitome of NYFW and InStyle decided it was important enough to include a gallery, specifically dedicated to plus sized street fashion. AMAZING.  Yahoo Lifestyle  offered a live feed of the event on their Instagram and their website is flooded with articles.

Plus is trending and the press is picking up on it.

The gallery featured all sorts of curvy babes like the celebrated style blogger and pop star, Margie Plus and plus sized fashionista Jamie Hamilton shot by the incredibly talented plus sized photographer Lydia Hudgens.

Madeline Jones, Editor of Plus Model Mag walked in the Bella Rene show at Times Square She shared on her Instagram, “I walked in NYFW at 45 years old. I never dared to even dream of this ever happening…what people don’t know is that we (Jones and the designer) have known each other for a VERY long time and have been hustling for years to push the size diversity agenda.”

Teen Vogue hosted a Body Party event were models of all shapes, sizes and abilities such as Ana Laura graced the runway sporting “to die for” fashion. You can read more about my thoughts about the event on my Instagram.

Powerful stuff happening here in the industry. The fat girls have grown up and now they  know their worth.

I was blown away by the incredible talent that permeated the CURVYcon. Designers, celebrities, influencers, bloggers, brands, modelling agencies, business owners and press who all believe in the importance of this plus sized movement.

We all have our favorite people we love to stalk on the gram.

I have always wondered what it would be like to meet them in person and this weekend I found out.

I met women who are a big deal. No…a huge deal in this industry and they were by and large warm, kind and humble.

I introduced myself and spoke to hundreds of women over the last few days and only about two of them that I encountered acted like they were “really important” but these people were in the vast minority.

The CURVYcon is the opposite of the cattiness and meanness that is rampant in traditional fashion.

In traditional fashion nice people don’t last. In plus sized fashion mean people are the ones that need to go.

Thanks to social media an underground community of people who have felt lonely and isolated for a lot of their lives have found each other and were able to come together at the CURVYcon.

It served as a safe place for Plus sized women to wear the pieces they loved but hid in their closets because they were afraid of what people may think.

You know when a volcano is about to explode? At this event it became clear to me that Plus sized fashion is trembling.

The tremors are getting stronger and it is on the cusp of a long awaited curvy girl eruption.

All I can say is the brands and the media that ignore these powerful vibrations are going to deeply regret not jumping on board.

The vast majority of people do not look like traditional models. People are tired of hating themselves. People are ready, so ready, to see a mirror reflection of themselves projected in the media.

It was so exciting to encounter both established brands like Ann Taylor LOFT and Tommy Hilfiger at Macys and as well as brand new brands like Maree Pour Toi and Belle and Broome that understand it.

Plus is a big market, pun intended. Gone are the days of crying at malls because you have been ignored by a sales person and banished to the back of the store where all the ugly, poorly designed fat people clothes reside in an disorganized mess in the corner.

We have curvy girl business owners, curvy fashion magazine editors, curvy designers, curvy photographers, curvy dj’s.

Curvy girls CAN DO IT ALL

Most of us have walked difficult paths in life being shamed and told that our bodies are ugly and worthless.

But guess what. Being bullied, ridiculed and shamed over something as connected to you as your body makes you strong. No longer do you care what other people think…in an odd way it makes you free. It makes you open. It makes you non-judgmental. As plus sized women we are all in one way or another survivors.

And you know what happens when a group of survivors come together?


It creates an indestructible force that is impossible to ignore. That became clear to me at the CurvyCon.

We are here, we are not going away, these are the bodies that we were born in and we are ready to rock our curves.

Plus Sized women who were once the seeds that were thrown on the ground and buried by dirt have been quietly growing while no one was paying attention. Now we are blossoming in an explosion of color. Bright beautiful and impossible to ignore. We are entering in the fashion era of the plus sized woman, and it feels so good to be a part of the movement.

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