Let’s Talk Value

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I want to share a story with you about value.

I met a man recently who was telling me about his business. The technology they developed was far superior to that what which was offered on the market. They decided to sell it to companies for $1,000 per month to break in to the market.

No one was interested in purchasing.

The market value of the sub-par product was 25,000$ per month. They started to advertise the product with this pricing and guess what…everyone was interested.

The companies were interested because if something is expensive it obviously means that it is valuable.

I had a friend of mine share with me that a man tried to pick her up and kept saying he liked bigger women and he is sure she doesn’t have a lot of options, however he would love to date her. I told her she should have said lots of men want me and I have tones of options I am lovely and walked away.

Literally he is a reflection of this terrible attitude men have towards bigger women that they are doing them a favor by dating them. No. Those men are the ones who are being blessed with a moment of these (for the most part) wonderful kind souls time.

People love things that are exhibited as expensive and exclusive, and there is a reason for this.

Cheaper = Sub Par

Expensive = Quality.

The secret is that it is all subjective. Human beings place value on things based on the way they are presented.

Here I am wearing some very valuable high quality clothes from City Chic at Macy’s (outfit deets below). We all know that wearing good clothing helps with your presentation and self-confidence.

That’s a good place to start if you are feeling undervalued. Dress like you are important. Act like you have value in yourself and your appearance and that will expand into the other areas of your life.

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