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Best Affordable Swimsuits for Plus Size Bodies- ZAFUL

Swimsuit season can trigger panic even in the most generally relaxed and confident woman. Being semi-naked in front of others can be intimidating. 

I grew up in the Caribbean, so water based activities abounded. Based on the subtle disapproving looks from adults whenever I put on a bathing suit, overhearing my parents complain to others about how fat I was and listening to my thin bodied peers constantly talking about how much weight they had to lose, at a certain age I realized my body wasn’t swimsuit worthy and I avoided the water and started covering up.

One summer my family went to Barbados. I had a turquoise bikini that I really loved but never wore.

I decided that I was sick and tired of not being able to swim or enjoy the sun. I was over weird tan lines and rushing in and out of the water to grab a towel every time I swam.

I went into the bathroom and changed into my turquoise bikini.

I walked outside and I could feel the disapproving eyes of my extended family all over my body. My older cousin said to me in a very catty passive aggressive tone “wow. You’re so confident.”

My aunt said to me, “don’t you think a whole piece would be more flattering?”

I rolled my eyes at both of them, walked down to the beautiful blue water and dove right in. Shockingly, the world didn’t end. I realized in that moment it didn’t matter what other people thought or said.

A few weeks ago I was able to wear these gorgeous Zaful swimsuits at a beautiful pool with two other plus sized girlfriends, and it was really a very special experience. No disapproving looks or behind the back conversations. Just three beautiful women having fun in the sun!

Of all the China-based brands I have worked with, Zaful has the highest quality and best fitting affordable swimsuits. They offer both straight and plus sizes and have really cute accessories!

Make sure to read the size chart for each product and know your own measurements to ensure a good fit. If you have a large lower belly like I do, then avoid the high cut swimsuits because you will end up uncomfortable and overexposed.

They generally offer up to a size 2 or 3XL, I think they should have bigger sizes available but its a good start. Today they are offering free shipping worldwide for their 5th Anniversary.

Use these codes to save big when you shop!

Enter “ZF015” for 18% off on

Coupon “ZF5YEARS” FOR 20% OFF over $60 (Time limited 6.17-6.19)

Here are three of my favorite swimsuits looks from Zaful– Click on photos to shop.

ZAFUL Plus Size Ethnic Geometric Bikini Set
Keyhole Plus Size Top And High Cut Swim Bottoms
ZAFUL Ethnic Lace Up Backless Plus Size Swimsuit



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