The Me Too Movement and Men

SHS / October 4, 2018

With the implosion of the Me Too Movement (which is of course so important) I recently realized something. Men are also hurting. I am not condoning any sort of behavior from men that makes women feel uncomfortable but I also think it is important to consider the underlying problem which is societal attitudes towards consent and cultural indoctrination of what…

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A Story of Sex by a Plus Sized Woman

SHS / September 20, 2018

“Fat girls are only good to F*ck.” Cautionary advice given to me by my uncle when I was 12 years old. “You had better lose weight. Nobody marries fat girls.” This ingrained three terrible falsehoods into my under-developed belief system: 1. The only time a woman has value is if a man wants to marry her or finds her visually/…

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